Church of the Friendly Ghost is a 100% volunteer arts organization supporting counter culture expression in Austin, TX

Below is a simple list of our 2014 Program.

8:00pm Sunday, January 12: Immersion V [Code.In] at Salvage Vanguard Theater

6:00pm Sunday, January 19: Derek Rogers, Lee Dockery, Mike Graff, Xander Harris at Mass Gallery

8:00pm Saturday, February 23: Adam Rudolph Go: Organic Orchestra at SVT

7:30pm Friday, March 7: UTVAC - Sound + Vision: The Julius Eastman Memorial Dinner by Jace Clayton

8:000pm Sunday, May 18: Fließende Geist & Amulets

JUNE 12 - 14 - #NMASS2014: New Media Art and Sound Summit 2014 at Salvage Vanguard Theater

Computer Hope


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